Turn The Other Cheek

by katalystuk

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This is an expression of godliness in the light of rejection and persecution..


Yo its Katalyst in the house
House of Commons in the building
Yo Shaq the mack on the track
Lets get this beat poppin man
You know the way we do
Yeah let’s go

Don’t misquote the words we speak
Coz we don’t react means were not weak
To do his will is all we seek
So we’re studying to turn the other cheek
The way we walk the way we talk no need to gang bang or crip walk
Heavyweight but we still roll meek
So we’re studying to turn the other cheek

Yo its Katalyst the modern day apologist
Take a journey with me you might wanna follow this
Sat in a room with stone cold savages
Died then came back to life to like Lazarus
Been rejected like the prophet from Nazareth
Still reflect the rays of the Son straight hazardous
Used to be much hyper now calmer
Making headlines like the death like the death of Osama
Hoc the squad still killin it so fresh and so clean, its so serious
Me and my squad got faith like Hebrews nobody else can do what we do
Life in this world can be so crazy, if you were a barber you still couldn’t fade me
Follow the crew the place where the heat is , 2 guys Katalyst and Exegetist


The uk gospel scene got me snoring
The hip hop gospel scene is so boring
Wake me up at nine in the morning
Give me something to digest I’m still yawning
Some of these kats still act like they’re heaving though
Some of these kats featherweight like a pillow bro

I ain’t dissin but they act so spiritual
Only kidding no need to need to get physical
Certain dudes got their diaries overbooked
While other dudes have been totally overlooked
Last shall be first for those who got overtook
The day is coming when the industry’s getting shook
Many people wanna quote what I spoke
Then they run away with it like Usain Bolt
I ain’t scared to say the words that he told me
Like Samson yo you just can’t hold me


You have heard it was said an eye for an eye and a tooth
But I tell you do not resist an evil person
But whoever slaps you on the right cheek
Turn the other to him also
If anyone wants to sue you and take away your tunic
Let him have your cloak also

Hook and fade


released September 19, 2011
Written & Produced by G.Thomas
Produced by L.Azeez



all rights reserved


Katalyst Grays, UK

My name is Katalyst aka GeeTee i am a singer,songwriter and rapper.I describe my style as hip-rock-soul because of the different styles of music that have influcenced me.I have been writing and peforming for about 10years and have jammed with Daniel Bedingfield and other great musicians. I play the drums and also dabble on keys although singing is my first love .
Look out for my ep Love & Hip Ho
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